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On the 8000 Series, a PTO shaft runs forward inside the left front wheel to drive the headers. In the 3m version, the distance between the front wheel and the PTO shaft is so small that the PTO shaft protection is regularly destroyed by soil adhering to the wheel. Of course, this occurs particularly acutely during the corn harvest.

John Deere considers this PTO guard to be a "wear"-item, so the periodic repair costs are the responsibility of the machine owner.

The price for this original spare part is around €250.

These costs could easily be avoided if a very stable scraper were installed above or below this PTO shaft protection, or if a partition plate were installed in some way between the wheel and the protection. If you have found a suitable solution for this problem or have already installed it, please let us know. We would then publish it here.

Tire configuration 8000 series

The current John Deere forage harvesters are still available with an outer width of 3.0 meters, which of course entails restrictions on the possible tire sizes. The machine shown below has a very awkward configuration: at the rear wheels, the machine would be exactly 2.90 meters wide from outer flank to outer flank.

However, the axle itself measures 2.99 meters across the entire width. These rear axle tires not only increase the ground pressure completely unnecessarily, but at the same time the planetary gears are completely exposed and therefore no longer have any collision protection.

Therefore, pay attention to this fact when buying a new machine of this type.

The tire size is 500/85-30.