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Claas front axle drive shafts

Warning, danger to life!!!

In the first cut of the 2022 season, a steep slope had to be harvested. The machine was chopping downhill when, for no apparent reason, it suddenly picked up ground speed rapidly. The reflexive stepping on the brake pedal only caused the machine to yaw to the left, but there was no noticeable braking deceleration despite the all-wheel drive being switched on. As a last resort, the driver quickly turned the steering wheel to the left in order to bring the machine, which fortunately stopped despite the relatively high speed, to a halt across the slope. At the time in question, the tractor with trailer was to the right of the chopper, otherwise a collision would have happened here as well. The reason for this behavior: A broken right drive shaft on the front axle!

Therefore, the urgent advice to all owners of such a Claas axle is to check the drive shafts in your own interest with a "crack detection spray"!

All Mengele SF 6 and SF 7, Claas 690 to Jaguar 800 (Type 490), all Claas Dominator/ Mega and the Case "CF" machines are affected!

This list does not claim to be complete!


Turmdrehung Typ 498

Scheinbar ist es schon öfters vorgekommen, daß beim Typ 498 die Halterung für die Schnecke der Turmdrehung abgebrochen ist.

Es wird daher empfohlen, die Schweißnähte für das Lagerrohr der Schneckenhalterung zu verstärken, bzw. soweit möglich Verstärkungsbleche einzuschweißen.

Alternativ ist im Schadenfall auch der Umbau auf die Turmdrehung mittels Stirnradgetriebe des Typ 502 möglich, was jedoch erhebliche Kosten mit sich bringt.