Dear Mengele owners, drivers and fans!

Due to the meanwhile very incomplete supply of spare parts for our machines, which are by now quite old, it is sometimes difficult to guarantee the operational reliability of our machines permanently.

The statutory minimum period of ten years, in which the spare parts supply for a machine must be ensured, has now been exceeded even for the most recent years of construction.
The aim of this page is to compensate as far as possible for the supply gap caused by the situation described above.
Specifically, this does not primarily mean the production of new spare parts, but much more it is about the mediation of the still partially silent with so many former Mengele owners slumbering new parts to the still active drivers. Used parts from fire, engine or other damage are included here.
An additional problem arises from the now numerous retirement of the former designers and, above all, the mechanics, whereby a huge wealth of knowledge and experience is lost.
Through the rubric "Tips and Tricks" this loss should be compensated as far as possible.
So if you know a special trick or have made a special conversion, please let us have a description and photos to come, which can then be made available to all with your consent on this page.
Also nice photos of your machines for the rubric "Gallery" are always welcome.

In the "Used parts" section you get an overview of used individual parts and also complete assemblies that are still too good to be dismantled due to their state of preservation. This could, for example, be entire assemblies such as complete gearboxes, chopping units and diesel engines, but also used individual parts such as crushing rollers, chutes or bodywork. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

For some time now we have also been able to offer certain spare parts for harvesters from other manufacturers, such as e. g. KroneJohn Deere or Claas. These are primarily typical wearing parts, such as e.g. B. knives, shearbars, drum panels or crackers rollers.

But also power belts or brake parts can usually be obtained at short notice.

We look forward to your non-binding inquiry!


We wish you fun on this site and a trouble-free harvest,


H. Steinberger & Sons



Latest update: October, 02nd, 2022