Spare Parts

We are able to provide a variety of spare parts at short notice.

-Hydraulik parts

-Metal detectors
(also for Mengele SH 40

 and Deutz-Fahr Gigant 400)

-Hydrostatic pumps and motors

-Gearbox parts

-Brake parts (brake hoses, brake pads)

-Chutes (currently only available for SF 6)

-Panels for cutting-cylinder-housings

-Panels for blower-housings

-Bowden trains (for hydrostat, transmission, engine)

-Axis parts

-Parts for chopping-device

-Cutting length gear units SF6 and SF7

-Water and oil coolers

-Pulleys and tensioners

-Parts for Blower

-Crushing Rollers

-Grind stones




-cutting cylinders


-intake chains




Parts for Grain Combines of all brands we offer on individual request!




intake chains

for maize headers




Knives SH 30

02-046 098








Shock absorbers








Knives MB 400

03-080 096







Cutting cylinder V 64





Axle stubs

03-088 022

03-108 514

03-087 343

03-108 502








Grind stones

 98-039 693

04-128 363







98-045 812

98-042 719





Panels for

cutting cylinder








Knifes SF4000

02-086 323






Roll smoth

incl. axle-stub














Intake Rollers






Metal Detectors







Shear bar

(original Busatis)





Fan Plates






Thermostat for

air conditioning






Panels for blower housings









Hydraulic valves





(original Busatis)






Hydrostatic Parts